Alintacorp Satellite Communication Engineering Workshop

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This workshop aims to learn and share knowledge on Satellite Communication & Engineering. The workshop provides expert feedback on the satellite communication practical problems and antenna design concepts for a small satellite. You will be exposed to real-time satellite missions’ cases and will test your understanding and knowledge during the workshop. The workshop facilitator is a space engineer who has acquired years of Satellite Communication & Engineering experience as a professional and is ready to share with those just starting to learn about the satellite ecosystem and capabilities.

Hands-on experience is the best way to acquire knowledge. Many educational institutes and industrial organizations organize workshops and training programs for their students and industry colleagues for a better understanding of satellite communication. The importance of such training is that it helps participants realize their areas of interest. Celestial & Alintacorp have taken the initiative to organize a master class workshop to nurture and support the interest of students and industry colleagues towards space communication.


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Design and understand satellite communication links for any space mission
  • Understand the antenna performance graphs and select any particular patch antenna based on the datasheets.

Your Benefits

Collaboration: Post workshop Collaboration Opportunity

Contacts: Space Industry Specific Contacts Opportunity

Feedback: Expert feedback available

Knowledge Space: Communication Architecture

Industry: New space industry and focus

Why Attend?

Your organization will benefit through excellent exposure to the leaders in Satellite Communication and Engineering. By attending the course, you will be able to update your knowledge of state-of-the-art Satellite Communication technology and receive name recognition at this 2-day event. This workshop is an exciting opportunity to learn about the latest Satellite Communication technology and trends. It will provide a forum for education and knowledge transfer, and it will expose the executive participants to the latest Problem-Solving solutions. Benefit from a world-renowned speaker, the most recent techniques, tactics, meet experts, and learn about the latest updates in the field of Satellite & Wireless Communication.

Who Should Attend?

This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will significantly benefit"

  • Communication Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Space Engineers
  • Anyone with communication, electrical or space engineering background
  • Managers and business developers looking to extend their knowledge to engineering

Workshop Outline

Day 1 Topics


  • Critical factors and assumptions
  • Transmission and reception architecture
  • Antennas and RF components
  • Noise sources
  • Pointing errors
  • Polarization
  • Modulation
  • Signal to noise ratio
  • Summary sheet


  • Low Earth Orbit satelite case study
  • Resources for further learning

Day 2 Topics


  • Antenna types
  • Patch antenna significance (off the shelf available antennas)
  • Patch antenna types
  • Antenna tuning
  • Feeding types
  • Farfield results analysis
  • Performance enhancement techniques


  • Antenna design hand calculations

Workshop Timetable

  • 08:30: Registration and Arrival Coffee
  • 09:00: Workshop Starts
  • 11:00: Coffee Break
  • 13:00: Lunch
  • 14:00: Workshop resumes
  • 15:00: Snack Break
  • 16:00: End of Workshop

The presentation session will start at 09:00 GMT. The link to join the virtual workshop will be available for registered delegates from 28th June 2021 onward.

Virtual Attendance

Virtual presentation/participation in digital conferencing that is made possible using digital technology including embedded digital elements (texts, tables, graphs, or videos) for PowerPoint sharing. This workshop will be a hybrid event where the delegates can opt for virtual participation or physical, on-site participation. The digital conference tool is not decided yet but Zoom and Google Meet are considered.

In-Person Attendance

Due to COVID-19 we are shortening the conference to 2 days with a virtual attendance option via Zoom. We will also be limiting the number of in-person attendees to ensure social distancing.

Your Expert Facilitator

Mr. Mayank Sharma

  • Founder & Managing Director
  • Space Engineer
  • Celestial Space Technologies GmbH
  • INNOspace Masters Challenge 2019 – OHB Category Winner
  • IGLUNA Space Award 2020 Winner
  • "If space is new Internet, then moon is the Modem."

About Celestial

Celestial enables data-driven industries to stay ahead of the increasing demands on telecommunication performance. To achieve this, Celestial develops innovative technology for space and terrestrial applications. This includes high performance small satellite antenna, active array antenna and radar systems for applications across different industries, and precision tracking and navigation solutions for the mobility sector. Ultimately, Celestial wants to propel all industry actors forward by providing industry grade engineering and academic educational training. Celestial is a limited liability company headquartered in Germany.